Vegan Pumpkin-Seed Lentil Soup: Micronutrient Supermeal.

Vegan Pumpkin-Seed Lentil Soup: Micronutrient Supermeal.

We eat this every day for lunch, it gives us our daily protein, iron, zinc, iodine.
It’s evolution has been a long one, it started out as a coconut curry lentil soup, and was then engineered to become a complete micronutrient meal.
You may be aware that Calcium inhibits Iron uptake, and Brassicas (such as kale, broccoli, bok choy, etc) inhibit Iodine uptake and so we have to have a meal that is…

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Lord’s Prayer in Mkaw, version 0.1

Lord’s Prayer in Mkaw, version 0.1

Amen, Amun-Ra King of the Gods.

Amen, or Amun-Ra chief deity in the Egyptian, New Kingdom.

The Lord’s prayer is perhaps the most translated piece of text in the world.
It is fairly short, though has many complex grammatical constructs.
Though I myself am not Christian, I respect all faiths,
even if I do not understand them.

Recently I’ve been working a lot on Mkaw and it’s vocabulary, so I’ve made a tenative version of the…

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Healthy Clerics

female clericA cleric is a priest(ess), rabbi, monk, nun or other such spirit leader.
For the Immortal Society, the Clerics should lead by example,
and thus be in good health both with mind and body.
That would mean they must be of a healthy weight,
and fat to muscle ratio, with good breathing and blood flow,
while also meditating regularly and learning new things.

To this end, it would make sense that a part…

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0.4.1.B.4 SPEL, lots of updates

0.4.1.B.4 SPEL, lots of updates

Lots of updates this time, So guess I'll walk you through them. case sorting (30 Jan 2014) This allows for putting translations into a default order, not only Subject Verb Object, but also the other cases that come afterwards. conforming to the hierarchy of cases: nominative > accusative or ergative > genitive > dative > locative or prepositional > ablative > instrumental > vocative >…

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Sea. by KeivanPhotography (Sabella spallanzanii)


Sea. by KeivanPhotography (Sabella spallanzanii)

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The Art of Staying Aloft: a photo series by Gloria Wilson of Small Mysteries.

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