wordDrop sysh HSPL Human Speakable Programming Language

for getting better output formatting, created wordDrop function and implemented in sentenceInterpret and the say word.


October 28, 2011, 6th hexDay, 4,1 hexWeek
00:51, fixed aLastSentenceGetQuoteCheck
 00:52, note we should reduce our base memory from a booklet to a page size.
     later we can “stitch” the pages together to make a booklet,
     by copying them into a seamless memory section.
     alternatively can link between pages,
     though I’d only suggest linking between books..
 1:40 update aLastCaseGet to have quoteCheck style
01:49 fixed aLastCaseGet to fully support quotes
 02:00 preparing to release
 08:11 so what do we need to get to compare be unknown bo standard to type by
 implement compare,  for that we should first fix up our sentence output,
  for that we’ll have to make wordDrop function, to drop the sentenceMarker from sentences, and caseMarker from arguments
 additionally the compare has to be able to support several different types,  address, number, word, and perhaps sentence
   the output of compare is a bit tricky also, since assembly compare sets several flags,
     well for address and number can have less, equal and greater,  probably for words and sentences also..
           even though I’ve been using yes or no up to this point, we can always improve..
08:38 wrote wordDrop
08:48 fixed wordDrop
 17:23 hmmm, what now? oh ya fix sentenceInterpret and say to incorporate wordDrop
 17:29 wrote wordDrop into sentenceInterpret
 17:50 made sentenceInterpret into a register function
18:05 fixed sentenceInterpret incorporating wordDrop
18:06 fixed say, incoroprating wordDrop

changelog.txt te


section .bss
    resr    wordDropAddress,byteBase
    resr    wordDropLength,byteBase
    resr     wordDropCounter,byteBase
section .text
wordDrop: ; register by input be eax string address, ebx string length, ecx number of word to drop
          ; output string with dropped words
          ; algorithm,  if drop number is 0 then return, else get last word, decrement length, recurse
        movr [wordDropAddress],eax
        movr [wordDropLength],ebx
        movr [wordDropCounter],ecx
        jmp wordDropMid
          ; algorithm,  if drop number is 0 then return, else get last word, decrement length, recurse
    cmp ecx,0
    jz wordDropEnd
    pushr ebx
     pushr eax
    call aLastWordGet
    pop eax
    pop ebx
        ; if none then exit
        cmp eax,no
        jz wordDropEnd
    ;decrement length
    movr ecx,[wordDropCounter]
    subr ecx,1
    movr [wordDropCounter],ecx
    ; use a last word start address as new end adress
    movr ebx,eax;
    movr eax,[wordDropAddress]
        subr ebx,eax ; end-start=length
        movr [wordDropLength],ebx
    jmp wordDropMid

wordParser.asm te

the version release here https://sourceforge.net/projects/rpoku/files/sysh/sysh-

Oct 28. 45 Notes.


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