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been working on it for over a decade now.

how to  allow people to interoperate with differing belief systems (religions)?

word definitions are actually quite essential, as most belief-systems cover many of the same concepts, merely using different words.

So one world language is intricately tied in, version I’m working on is called human-speakable-programming-language HSPL usable for human-to-human and human-to-computer interaction.

People could express their beliefs or statements, and they could be stored in HSPL and then a person of a different belief-system could read it in words compatible with their beliefs.

For example, in Abarhamic religions there are concepts prayer, guardian-angel, church, in neo-pagan or new-age equivalents correspondingly could be magic-spells, spirit-guides, and covens.

some useful definitions:

truth be present-moment now experience, and is personal. universal truths or truths of a certain domain can always be experienced in that domain.

knowledge be past-experience, can be personal or communal.

real be agreed-upon so is communal information, different for different groups.

exist be anything that can be conceived or thought of, due to infiniteness of creation, all exists.

We can also merge religions with scientific world views, for instance many historic deities can merely be star-beings from other star-systems in our galaxy. For instance Jehovah is actually plural, and there is a contactee Michel Desmarquet that has met with star-beings called Thiaoobans that claim to be the historical Jehovah. Similarly the Pleadian star-beings via Billy Meier claim to have inseminated the virgin mother of Jesus or Emmanuel, though Arcturians and Thiaoobans were also involved in his life and afterwards. Muhammad founder of Islam often interacted with Djinn smokeless-fire people which could likely be ascribed as a form of star-being known as light-beings.

Another scientific-spiritual concept that is important is the holographic-universe of science, microcosm-macrocosm of medieval europe, parables of abrahamic faiths, “as above so below” of gnosticism, allegory or analogy of common expression.

Of course people can still maintain their belief in a one-deity or zero-deity, just as the ying and yang of taoism.  We can merge with mathematics and computers. Before any there be none, zero-mother gave birth to one. First-father,  recombined with zero-mother to create all, numbers and concepts, as all can be expressed in binary, that includes we with you as their children. so zero mother represented as infinite zero’s 000… note how 0 is similar to the vulva, black is no-color, first-father represented as all 1’s 111… note how 1 is phallic, white is all-color,  and all else is a combination of the two, 1’s and 0’s in any order 10110010… a shade of gray.

In terms of morals and ethics, or list of fundamental abilities (rights, freedoms, liberties), to have complete beings we must be allowed to fullfill all our levels of development or chakra’s. Ra from the law of one channelings via Carla Rueckert speaks of densities, which by holographic-universe are representative of chakras. I’ve also compiled a list of 16 fundamental abilities and their corresponding chakras.

To maintain freedom and diversity of belief-systems, and also to emulate nature’s success we can adopt the way of the atom or neo-tribalism. Atoms are groupings of protons and neutrons called isotopes and are generally stable and safe under 200 members, much like human groupings according to Dunbar’s number. Most stable isotope is 58 of Nickel and Dunbar’s function shows that most stable online-gaming groups are between 50 and 60 members.

Note that atoms can combine to form molecules, cells, bodies and so are quite scalable and stable. So each level-of-complexity is autonomous, and has it’s own internal order, and freedom of belief and all that. Similar to how as humans we generally interact with other humans, while the cells in our bodies interact with each other.

To allow for diversity and natural growth of new organizations and systems of belief or being. Some notable changes to current legislative practices is the implementation of local-override, so general laws or recommendations (i.e. international, federal)  can be over-ridden at a lower level (municipal, tribal). Much like how in America federally marijuana plant is restricted, but at certain state levels it is allowed. Laws would then apply only to the level at which they are implemented, i.e. federal laws apply to federal workers, and can help co-ordinate inter-state activities. Though any level can adopt the laws or recommendations of other levels by analogy.

So what is then the function of various organizations such as United Religion Initiative? To set an example, and offer packages to allow for complete-communities. Such as knowledge, tools and resources to start their own permaculture forest garden, fabrication laboratory in their tribe while inter-operating with others.

I’ve worked on these beliefs for some time now, and have expressed it to many people of varying faiths, to find that the majority or all seem to agree.

Questions, comments, suggestions, support are welcome.  :-)

By the way, I call this belief system We You Net, as in We with You are a Network.

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